Bansko, Bulgaria – May 2024

Location: Bansko, Bulgaria
Dates: May 1 – May 31, 2024
Price: 4600 EUR
Status: Closed for applications

Bansko emerges as an enticing location, offering a unique blend of cultural charm, natural beauty, and practical advantages. The town’s rich history and picturesque setting at the foot of the Pirin Mountains create an inspiring backdrop for entrepreneurial activities, encouraging creativity and innovation among program participants. Bansko’s distinctive atmosphere, with its well-preserved architecture and cultural heritage, contributes to a unique and stimulating environment for the Nomad Excel experience.

The town’s strategic location, surrounded by the stunning landscapes of the Pirin National Park, provides an exotic and invigorating setting. The natural beauty, combined with a growing interest in entrepreneurship within the local community, offers participants ample opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and potentially collaborate with Bansko’s emerging entrepreneurs.

The bootcamp cost encompasses a comprehensive package that includes:

  1. Active participation in the exclusive bootcamp program.
  2. Accommodation in a private room for the entire month. hosted by Nomadico.
  3. Access to a coworking space at Nestwork.
  4. Various community activities throughout the month, enhancing your overall experience.



Date published

November 10, 2023