Our Program

In the heart of every visionary lies the spirit of exploration, innovation, and the unyielding pursuit of success. The Nomad Excel Entrepreneurship Bootcamp embodies this spirit, fostering a global community where diverse minds converge, ideas flourish, and dreams transform into reality

Our comprehensive incubator-style program offers a transformative experience designed to empower participants in the successful development and launch of their businesses. Through a combination of personalized mentorship, hands-on workshops, and a wealth of networking opportunities, we foster an environment where innovation thrives.

Working in collaboration with industry experts who have demonstrated a track record of success, our program delivers comprehensive guidance, equipping participants with the essential skills and knowledge necessary for conceiving and developing viable business projects.

Program Curriculum

Focuses on imparting basic concepts of entrepreneurship and initiating the process of idea formation.

Where good ideas are found.
Finding a market gap or problem.
Developing your business vision workshop.

Encourages creative thinking and problem-solving, essential for ideation and developing practical business solutions.

Ideation process and models.
Ideation workshop.

Teaches how to build a sustainable business model using the Business Model Canvas, highlighting the importance of value proposition and target audience.

Business Model Canvas.
Business Model Canvas workshop.
Lean Startup Model.

Emphasizes the development of an entrepreneurial mindset, focusing on creativity, resilience, and recognizing business opportunities.

Nurturing & Qualification of Opportunities.
Creative thinking and opportunity recognition workshop.

Introduces participants to the program and familiarizes them with essential tools.

Overview of the technological tools we will use.
SWOT & TOWS models.

Centers on enhancing communication skills through public speaking, vital for persuasive and effective entrepreneurship.

Public speaking workshop.

Focuses on strategies for building and leading effective teams, an essential aspect of successful entrepreneurship.

The influence model - How to create trust and business relationships.
Build the perfect team for your business.

Dedicated to honing skills in strategic teamwork, innovative impact, and stress management, vital for successful leadership in the dynamic startup environment.

How to handle stress as a startup founder.
Time and productivity management.
Personal brand.

Dedicated to unveiling the potential of AI, equipping participants with insights crucial for leveraging artificial intelligence in strategic decision-making

AI Workshop.

Explores various motivational theories, storytelling techniques, and practical tips to empower personal and professional growth.

7 Drivers of motivation - CTA.
Storytelling workshop.

Teaches the importance of understanding the customer journey, emphasizing a customer-centric approach in business planning.

Customer journey mapping workshop.
Customer experience.

Dedicated to enhancing skills in market and competitor research that is crucial for informed business decision-making.

Market research workshop.
Personas research.

Focuses on creating effective marketing strategies and building a strong brand identity, key for market positioning and customer engagement.

Digital marketing and social media strategies.
Branding principles and brand identity creation.

Highlights different sales strategies and the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for optimizing sales processes.

Customer relationship management.
CRM and Growth funnels.
Sales funnel management and optimization.
How to use the power of AI in marketing and sales

Teaches the development of go-to-market (GTM) strategies, essential for successful product launches and market entry.

Marketing strategy.
go-to-market (GTM) strategies.

Emphasizes the importance of ideation, product design, and user experience in developing marketable products and services.

Concept and solution development.
Product design and user experience.
Business models for any type of business.

In order to offer the most profesional and extensive program, we have partnered with Zero2One.

Zero2One is a company that assists entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into successful software solutions and revenue-driven businesses. They emphasize a Lean approach to reduce risk and cost during the startup process.

The MVP process, tailored for startups and entrepreneurs, facilitates the development of minimum viable products (MVPs) to gather feedback quickly from potential customers. Zero2One provides comprehensive mentorship, covering crucial aspects such as financial, legal, marketing, and more. Their team, including programmers, engineers, designers, and project managers, focuses on developing mobile, web, business-oriented applications, and deep technologies.

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